You are Big Enough!

So you think you are big, eh?
Ok. I will tell you how big you are.
Take my hand. Come… Levitate…let your feet leave the ground and head up towards the sky. Now, as you fly up in the sky, look down. What do you see? Is any human being, an average of 5 to 5’5 feet tall, visible to your eyes? All that you can see are skyscrapers reduced to anthills and and the unfathomable grasslands shrinked to the size of your notebook sheets. Got an idea how big you are? Nah? Not yet? Fine. Let’s get a little higher…. Let’s levitate unto the outskirts of the planet. A little more…. Soar away from the planet. Watch carefully! A terrifyingly small ball, where we claim to live in, and, the awe creating envelope of the universe surrounding it. The cosmos… In that, the proud earth-an infinitesimally small dot! In that dot, we are even smaller, much, much smaller…. Billions and trillions of times smaller…. Infinitesimally small dots!!!

Awful right?
Yes! It is. Now tell me, what makes you feel you are big enough to be revered for whatever you do? What makes you feel, that you deserve a lot lot of respect and recognition, and all that, with a penny-pinching mindset; ‘close-fisted, reluctant to give and always ready to take’ kinda attitude? See where you stand.

I just gave you an idea of how small and insignificant you are. Now you ask yourself if you are big atleast in your heart. Then why? Why, at all, do you want what you don’t deserve? You get enraged when someone picks at you, when someone humiliates you, when someone is being rude with you. What is the use? Who are you? Ask your-self. An infinitesimally small dot! And, see, ego is a very clever gamer. Watch how it has imprinted the illusion in your mind: ‘You are too great to be talked rudely with.’ ( lol)

Here is a wonderful knowledge-bead for you then. You must take it into your kind consideration: Yes! You are big! You are as big as the universe! How?

Now you are the subordinate of your ego. That ego, that makes you go tipsy with the illusion that you are the master. With trifle achievements and abilities, you start thinking that you are invincible! You are the ultimate and the only person who can do or know a certain thing. You start condemning others disregarding their abilities. You eventually forget that ‘ Every father has a father!’ You start visualising a certain ability or a talent or an achievement or a post as your proprietary ownership. This does nothing but fuels your dumb ego!

And when you become the master of your ego, you automatically assume the form of the cosmos! The illusion of ego makes you feel contrary to what you are now and once you are enlightened, your level of existence pervades into that have been formerly contrary, and the contrary becomes your truth! You realise what you exactly are and don’t wait for others’ acknowledgement to celebrate your existence. You, realise that no-one’s presence or absence in your life, and no one’s recognition or denunciation can neither add nor subtract any amount of you from you! You enjoy the ultimate freedom once you break-free from the shackles of your ego. You become your master and the universe within you, automatically becomes subservient to you!

Wanna change a bad mood?

Are you hurt? Feeling like bursting into tears? Has anyone’s behaviour shocked you? Has anyone just been behaving quite strangely, since quite a few days? Has any situation come up, leaving you nothing but taken aback? You don’t know what reaction the situation or the person is eliciting from you, do you? Your feelings are stuck within a turbulent storm, are’nt they? So, someone, or something is to take the blame, isn’t it? Who, or what should it be?

We often end up blaming people for our misery, for an undesirable emotion, for an undesirable happening. Yes, we often do that. Do we ever wonder if the person is worth blaming? Do we ever, instead, enquire ourselves of the reason of our disappointment? Why do we get disappointed by certain behaviours of certain people or by certain situations?

Have we ever blamed our expectations? Have we ever wondered why we expected the other person treat us in a certain way to make us feel good ? Why did we set a standard for our happiness, that unless someone or something, and only particularly a targeted person or happening can make us happy? Why have we made our happiness so expensive for our very ownselves?

There is a lot of whys, and hows arising Now. Why certain things happen and others don’t? And why one earth certain things are disappointing and others are equally surprising? When is it that we feel happy because of something and upset by something else? These querries are deep and seek immediate addressing. They solve the knots of our mind, those knots that continuously instigate the propensities of over-thinking, self-blaming, blaming others and making our responses conditional.( I will be addressing this emboldened phrase in a later paraphrase).

These questions get answered back when we ask ourselves back: Do we ever understand the puzzle that our expectations and the reality create? Do we have this reasonablity that the circumstances in the outer world are not always as complicated as we take them for? Do we realise that some people and some situations are not intended to harm us or hurt us? Some are unintentionally harmful and yet others are lessons. Do we ever think that it all depends on how we perceive things, the perspective we choose? I say, the answer is no. We don’t. We do never. We are too busy to analyse, complicate and then blame. We cry, cry a lot. We frame up the underlying intentions, all against us and cry over again. This chain continues and depression creeps in unnoticed. We smother our witt, our faculty of discrimination, we get carried away by the disposition of building up hatred for others and for ourselves, as a verdict of our analysis of the situation.

We know this fact very well that the ability of reading minds is a super power. Lay men can’t peek into our hearts and decipher its language. They produce their responses based on how we communicate with them externally. But, here comes our expectations. Expectations create the gap, between what we elicit and what we get. Our ego stops us from expressing what we expect and again expectations make us expect others to understand them unsaid. This is actually very funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Just for a simple example, let us take up this situation: My best friend wished me on friendship day. His/ her intention was to make me feel happy. But my expectations were something else. I wanted a gift. Now, that he/she didn’t wish me with a gift, hurt me. But my ego pulled me back from letting my wish to be known. And I end up cooking up stories that make no sense: He/she no more counts me as his/her bestie.

Funny, isn’t it? Yeah!

So better buckle your expectations and accept the people and situations as they are. Then look around: you will be surprised to see that there is not limit binding our happiness!

Live. Love. Share. Grow. Enlighten!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Paraphrase: making our responses conditional. We make our responses, our reactions and our emotions conditional to the external situations. We become puppets of situations and footballs of other’s opinions and behaviors. We end up getting kicked around.

A society, to be really proud of!

​Money buys almost everything… Who says it can’t buy honesty and respect? Just the slightest reflection can make everything as clear as crystal. Think….. Today, in our society, 99% rich people are dishonest and the converse is equally true. And the most pathetic part we play here is, we respect only those people who have money. So, didn’t money buy respect and honesty?

At this stage (what today’s scenario concludes), we can blindfold ourselves and go to the jeweller and quite indisputably buy whatever he handovers, even if we intended to buy a diamond and he gives a coal-block instead. It hardly does matter, as because, a coal and a diamond sell at almost the same prices in this market. In this market, everything material and abstract; and everyone reliable and doubtful, sells and is sold.

We are blindfolded. We have lost the faculty of discretion between a coal-piece and a diamond. Money won, civilisation failed, values failed, hefty terms like preferences, commitment, integrity Β and obligation are dead words. We have failed altogether as a society and still we go around putting up a proud face. Since we have become this insensible, we never even thought of what we were proud: our failure on the grounds of humanity or our success in the world of materialistic riches (at the cost of all that we can think of).

Loneliness or solitariness, it is all how you take it.

I have lately revealed that, I have always been a victim of the fear of loosing people. I have always expected people to be the same with me the way they used to be in the beginning. Hardly did I realise that everyone changes with time as do their priorities, until I saw the change within myself.

I have always felt the need of someone’s attention and care. I mean, these things really add meaning to my life. At home, I have always wanted to get the most of attention and pampering from my parents which got shared when my baby brother got added into the family. I was literally jealous then. Though, over time, I have successfully got over my jealousy. I don’t feel jealous of anyone anymore. Nevertheless, my possessiveness gained inertia over time and I failed to push it out of my self. 

This possessiveness is one of the biggest loop-holes that leads me to a face- loss. Be it my friends or my parents, anyone who is near to my heart, I just can’t stand their love for me getting shared with others. I get the feeling of their drifting away from me. Eventually, this feeling nudges at my ego which pulls me away from the people I once used to be close to. I don’t follow the ‘get on your knees and beg of ‘ policy to hold onto anything that makes me feel anything less. It causes me immense pain, but I never let my pains win over my ego, or self- respect, whatever you take it for. I don’t force anyone to stay who is drifting away with the flow. I let my emotions and ego fight and watch the ego win over time. Everytime this makes me stronger though, but leaves behind a deep, undelible, invisible, imperceptible scar on my heart. But, I am wise enough not to let my wound open and visible, making it vulnerable to be deepened by those who rejoice at it’s sight. 

Being a part of this generation, which has got gallons of  ego, self-centeredness selfishness, showmanship and has little hint of depth of feelings, humility, kindness and love, I sometimes get baffled. I wonder: ” Am I the only member of that long- extinct species which used to be characterised as being caring, compassionate, helpful, forgiving, genuiene, accepting and warm?”

Actually, it’s not always that the people around us are fake and exploitative, but sometimes they also turn out to be fickle-minded. They may have true emotions and feelings, but then, they don’t last for long. They change. If we were important to them once, and they are not caring for us now is simply because, we have got replaced by someone else.

My only fault was, I expected the people I cared for to reciprocate my care and compassion, which was utter foolishness. I found myself relatively unchanging and persisting with respect to the rest of the world. I really often chose to holding on over giving up for a long time, until I felt worn out. The world is absolutely not the way I was and I expected it to be so. And that’s how I was befooled everytime.

But now, I have almost got over this disease and really don’t take being not surrounded by friends as loneliness. It’s my solitariness now. I have changed my outlook towards my life and have learnt to enjoy my own company, the silence around really soothes me!

I know, there is a handful of people like me still existing in this world. I earnestly want them to know that, if having a big heart is hurting them, it is because of their expectation from the world to reciprocate their greatness back. The only way to get rid of this is to kill these sucking expectations. Expectations bring huge damage to our psychological, emotional and consequently to our physical health. Our happiness is in our own hands. This world has no responsibility to take care of our happiness, though we volunteer for the responsiblity  of the well- being of our surroundings. 

Watch these videos that will let you know about the sutras to liberate yourself from the grip of your expectations:
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How colours affect our moods.

Have you ever noticed the subtle differences in the behaviour of people who spend time with colours and those who don’t?Well, I would say then, go and visit an artist or a painter and know how they handle their stress. Their response towards stress and disappointments is completely different from the rest. They often stand firm to confront rather than shudder at, give up and quit.

Now, you must be thinking what colours have to do with their attitude. Well, to come to this I have to start with what actually colours are. We know about the visible light and it’s spectrum of seven colours. Each colour is basically a wavelength specific to itself and thus, is associated with a specific amount of energy. Our body has seven energy zones called chakras ( we can think of wheels working in an engine while talking about chakras as the chakras have similar kind of functiomality in our body: Maintaining the body balance and governing it’s funtioning as if they are the engines for various body-functioning). Each colour in the spectrum is associated with a particular chakra: red corresponds to the base chakra, orange to the sacral chakra, yellow to the solar plexus chakra, green to the heart chakra, blue to the throat chakra, indigo to the brow chakra ( third eye energy centre) and indigo to the crown chakra. Each colour is distinguishedly threaded to our psychological surface.

Just for instance, red enhances the emotions of love, comfort, intensity, warmth and life. So when you are wearing or seeing or painting with this colour, you are stirring up your agility, warmth and passion within you. 

Similarly, green has a lot to do with calmness, growth etc. The green colour corresponds to the heart chakra. So, guess what? Having a heartache? Simply go out and observe nature. You will vividly see the melancholy, disquietude drop and the solicitude vanish as you more and more will become comfortable with the company of the nature. You will feel the warmth that even someone so close can’t ever make you feel, though no one is around apparently. This feeling strengthens as the heart chakra is filled more and more with the vibrant green!

There is something interesting, I feel, about white. As it incorporates all the seven colours, it has the ability to balance all the seven chakras of the body. May be that’s why the meditation centres are always painted white.

So, when you play with colours, you respond to these shades and stimulate your susceptibility of your chakras. The invisible process of gaining energies from the colours by our chakras set everything under balance.

So you can try it now: Whenever you are feeling low, start making rainbow patterns in your sketch book. Notice how you feel the next moment.

I too do deal a lot with colours and hence, have my own unique ways to deal with stress, disappointments and frustration. I am really passionate aboutkopainting, and that level of being passionate is way too high. My mom says, I used be too disobedient and mischievous as a kid too be controlled. I used to be vulnerable to accidents and people around me uses to be vulnerable to my mischief (lol). But my mom knew that only only my  colour-box and my drawing book could effectively bring down my hyper-activity. So she used to carry those two things in her bag everytime I accompanied her somewhere.

I would like to share with you, some of my art-works. 

This one is done with ball-point pen and sketch-pen(pink).

Acrylic on canvas.

Oil on canvas.

You can try out these drawing and colour techniques to deal with different unpleasant moods:

    The Secret of Our Own Company.

    When we keep seeking solace from the world, we end up getting disappointed.

    One of amazing revealations I recently have had — we cannot find what we want in the outside world, but can definitely find it in the world within us. You have been miserable and you have attracted misery. Now, you are happy, your are attracting happiness. Everything comes from within.

    Have you ever tired this amazing magnet of your subconscious mind?

    How do we react, when people judge you? Do you react aggresively, don’t care or hold a grudge within? Well, I won’t say one is good and the other is bad. But definitely when you hold grudges, you poison yourself. You think of harming someone, you think of taking revenge. These emotions reverberate within you and end up harming you alone. So, better do react or ignore according as the situation is and end it there itself.

    When things you think don’t mar your self-respect, do ignore them. But things which are really threatening your dignity should be confronted. After all, all that matter’s to you is your self-respect.

    When we become aware of the necessity of taking care of our self-respect, it’s then when we are wise. No one can trample over us.

    Thing that I have learnt is, we should never authorise others to govern our actions, reactions and emotions. It’s the worst form of losing our self- respect. Whatsoever it may be and howsoever strong these influences are, we should always think– ‘ I am the most important person for myself. I am responsible for my happiness and sadness and I shall never stake my self-respect to afford anything else, even happiness.’

    Being happy, in fact, is not a happening brought by outward infuences. It’s a matter of choice instead. Just for example, there is a rare species of people who are over-sensitive, over-caring and way too much generous and helpful. This sort of people are always vulnerable towards getting cheated on, played with or left lonely.

    They also expect to weighted back with the same amount of love, care and honesty they give out to others. Often, these amazing people don’t have even a single good friend who equalise the care enough they show for others!  This is pretty strange, but utmost true. But these people will turn out to be rewarded like never before if they realise that they are the best persons they can get along with.

    They often get affected by other’s because they never happen to realise their own charm, their own uniqueness and their amazingness.

    Here is my message for them in the form of my poem:

    Infact, we all are amazing and we can find out our amazingness only in our own company. We give time to our work and to people who are close to us. If we start devoting a fraction of this time to our ownselves as well, gradually and progressively, we shall figure out the ever so beautiful we!

    So, make out time to appreciate your ownselves as well and never regret whatsoever. Everything in life has it’s own good purpose!

    We can also assume ourselves as our own imaginary friends!
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    I hope these links will help you visualise the beauty of appreciating one’s own company.

    13 Rules for Being Alone and Being Happy About It

    What have you experienced after having crossed oceans for people who don’t even cross puddles for you?

    Hi everyone!

    How’s everyone? Hope you are in a good state of health and mind.

    My moods are always dynamic and so are yours. Their ever changing nature evince this fact. Just like autumn goes and winter knocks the doors and again shows up the spring after the winter has left, so are our moods and the consequent emotions– sorrow, melancholy and happiness. They come and they go.

    Many aspects of our lives– environment, people surrounding us, our health and even the food we eat greatly manipulate the way we respond to each of these elements of the world we live in. Things falling in place make us smile and things going wrong take our smile away.

    What we need remains vague– a happy or a gloomy life. Nevertheless, we do respond to the things, that make our happiness phase out and melancholy fill in, or just take the vice-versa, in different ways.

    Sometimes, when things go utterly seriously wrong, some of us react, over-react, loose control and become mad. While there is a handful who choose to be wise. They may break inside, but never show the world outside them the storm gushing inside them.

    Expressions have several ways to come out. Each form a piece of art, though aggressive expressions right through speech, countenance and actions may sometimes be devastating. While again, when we express our depression and agony directly, we are categorised as mentally sick after some time.

    I feel, the best way of expression is the indirect way– through writing, art and music. These not only make one reach out to people with one’s  sensitive emotions but also make people feel connected to the subtleties of the themes, plots or lyrics of whichever mode of expression one chooses.

    I really feel drained off emotions, morally mutilated and horribly frustrated with the ways people deal me. Sometimes grudge and sometimes hopelessness consume me. I feel so helpless as neither I can make them treat me the way I want them to nor can I fight with them to give me a heed. It’s after all a matter of their choice that how they are going to take me– exploit me or value me.

    But definitely do I believe that my words will reach to such persons. They won’t repent though, but surely will they understand that my silently entertaining their conduct towards me was definitely not my foolishness, was my generosity instead.

    This poem encapsulates my emotions of how I feel when I realise that I am exploited over once again.

    What makes me create this blog?

    Apart from this world where I live in, I have another world where I find escape. This world is in my imaginations where the oceans dance with the rythms of heavenly music and the sky is my canvas where I splatter the shades of my emotions.

    I love creative stuff– any form of art, music and literature, that brings immense pleasure to my soul. I am always in search of creative ideas from this imaginary world from where I fetch them and fill my canvas with their hues. I love manifesting my imagination in the form of art works and writing. I love music as well.

    All these days I have kind of cut my touch with these stuff that soothe my soul. I think a blog will always help me keep a check on my regular involvement in my fields of interest. As I would have to regularly update my blog.

    WordPress is indeed a wonderful platform for sharing creative bits, thoughts, setting up online stores and so on. My works encompass a more generic dimension of the world of art and is inclusive of painting, sketching, poetry, stories, general write-ups, photography and music. I may be better in one and not so good in the other. But, to remember is what I has said earlier: attuned more with my world of imagination, my works of are to be shared. Wish of appreciation is an accessory intention. It will come anyway, from like minded people.

    I would definitely like you to take a tour of my various works and don’t forget to follow me there. You find my artworks here, my poems here, my write-ups and stories here,and my photographs here.