Hi everyone!

How’s everyone? Hope you are in a good state of health and mind.

My moods are always dynamic and so are yours. Their ever changing nature evince this fact. Just like autumn goes and winter knocks the doors and again shows up the spring after the winter has left, so are our moods and the consequent emotions– sorrow, melancholy and happiness. They come and they go.

Many aspects of our lives– environment, people surrounding us, our health and even the food we eat greatly manipulate the way we respond to each of these elements of the world we live in. Things falling in place make us smile and things going wrong take our smile away.

What we need remains vague– a happy or a gloomy life. Nevertheless, we do respond to the things, that make our happiness phase out and melancholy fill in, or just take the vice-versa, in different ways.

Sometimes, when things go utterly seriously wrong, some of us react, over-react, loose control and become mad. While there is a handful who choose to be wise. They may break inside, but never show the world outside them the storm gushing inside them.

Expressions have several ways to come out. Each form a piece of art, though aggressive expressions right through speech, countenance and actions may sometimes be devastating. While again, when we express our depression and agony directly, we are categorised as mentally sick after some time.

I feel, the best way of expression is the indirect way– through writing, art and music. These not only make one reach out to people with one’s  sensitive emotions but also make people feel connected to the subtleties of the themes, plots or lyrics of whichever mode of expression one chooses.

I really feel drained off emotions, morally mutilated and horribly frustrated with the ways people deal me. Sometimes grudge and sometimes hopelessness consume me. I feel so helpless as neither I can make them treat me the way I want them to nor can I fight with them to give me a heed. It’s after all a matter of their choice that how they are going to take me– exploit me or value me.

But definitely do I believe that my words will reach to such persons. They won’t repent though, but surely will they understand that my silently entertaining their conduct towards me was definitely not my foolishness, was my generosity instead.

This poem encapsulates my emotions of how I feel when I realise that I am exploited over once again.


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