When we keep seeking solace from the world, we end up getting disappointed.

One of amazing revealations I recently have had — we cannot find what we want in the outside world, but can definitely find it in the world within us. You have been miserable and you have attracted misery. Now, you are happy, your are attracting happiness. Everything comes from within.

Have you ever tired this amazing magnet of your subconscious mind?

How do we react, when people judge you? Do you react aggresively, don’t care or hold a grudge within? Well, I won’t say one is good and the other is bad. But definitely when you hold grudges, you poison yourself. You think of harming someone, you think of taking revenge. These emotions reverberate within you and end up harming you alone. So, better do react or ignore according as the situation is and end it there itself.

When things you think don’t mar your self-respect, do ignore them. But things which are really threatening your dignity should be confronted. After all, all that matter’s to you is your self-respect.

When we become aware of the necessity of taking care of our self-respect, it’s then when we are wise. No one can trample over us.

Thing that I have learnt is, we should never authorise others to govern our actions, reactions and emotions. It’s the worst form of losing our self- respect. Whatsoever it may be and howsoever strong these influences are, we should always think– ‘ I am the most important person for myself. I am responsible for my happiness and sadness and I shall never stake my self-respect to afford anything else, even happiness.’

Being happy, in fact, is not a happening brought by outward infuences. It’s a matter of choice instead. Just for example, there is a rare species of people who are over-sensitive, over-caring and way too much generous and helpful. This sort of people are always vulnerable towards getting cheated on, played with or left lonely.

They also expect to weighted back with the same amount of love, care and honesty they give out to others. Often, these amazing people don’t have even a single good friend who equalise the care enough they show for others!  This is pretty strange, but utmost true. But these people will turn out to be rewarded like never before if they realise that they are the best persons they can get along with.

They often get affected by other’s because they never happen to realise their own charm, their own uniqueness and their amazingness.

Here is my message for them in the form of my poem:

Infact, we all are amazing and we can find out our amazingness only in our own company. We give time to our work and to people who are close to us. If we start devoting a fraction of this time to our ownselves as well, gradually and progressively, we shall figure out the ever so beautiful we!

So, make out time to appreciate your ownselves as well and never regret whatsoever. Everything in life has it’s own good purpose!

We can also assume ourselves as our own imaginary friends!
http://www.mirakee.com/saileenabose on Mirakee @mirakeeapp #mirakee

I hope these links will help you visualise the beauty of appreciating one’s own company.





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