Have you ever noticed the subtle differences in the behaviour of people who spend time with colours and those who don’t?Well, I would say then, go and visit an artist or a painter and know how they handle their stress. Their response towards stress and disappointments is completely different from the rest. They often stand firm to confront rather than shudder at, give up and quit.

Now, you must be thinking what colours have to do with their attitude. Well, to come to this I have to start with what actually colours are. We know about the visible light and it’s spectrum of seven colours. Each colour is basically a wavelength specific to itself and thus, is associated with a specific amount of energy. Our body has seven energy zones called chakras ( we can think of wheels working in an engine while talking about chakras as the chakras have similar kind of functiomality in our body: Maintaining the body balance and governing it’s funtioning as if they are the engines for various body-functioning). Each colour in the spectrum is associated with a particular chakra: red corresponds to the base chakra, orange to the sacral chakra, yellow to the solar plexus chakra, green to the heart chakra, blue to the throat chakra, indigo to the brow chakra ( third eye energy centre) and indigo to the crown chakra. Each colour is distinguishedly threaded to our psychological surface.

Just for instance, red enhances the emotions of love, comfort, intensity, warmth and life. So when you are wearing or seeing or painting with this colour, you are stirring up your agility, warmth and passion within you. 

Similarly, green has a lot to do with calmness, growth etc. The green colour corresponds to the heart chakra. So, guess what? Having a heartache? Simply go out and observe nature. You will vividly see the melancholy, disquietude drop and the solicitude vanish as you more and more will become comfortable with the company of the nature. You will feel the warmth that even someone so close can’t ever make you feel, though no one is around apparently. This feeling strengthens as the heart chakra is filled more and more with the vibrant green!

There is something interesting, I feel, about white. As it incorporates all the seven colours, it has the ability to balance all the seven chakras of the body. May be that’s why the meditation centres are always painted white.

So, when you play with colours, you respond to these shades and stimulate your susceptibility of your chakras. The invisible process of gaining energies from the colours by our chakras set everything under balance.

So you can try it now: Whenever you are feeling low, start making rainbow patterns in your sketch book. Notice how you feel the next moment.

I too do deal a lot with colours and hence, have my own unique ways to deal with stress, disappointments and frustration. I am really passionate aboutkopainting, and that level of being passionate is way too high. My mom says, I used be too disobedient and mischievous as a kid too be controlled. I used to be vulnerable to accidents and people around me uses to be vulnerable to my mischief (lol). But my mom knew that only only my  colour-box and my drawing book could effectively bring down my hyper-activity. So she used to carry those two things in her bag everytime I accompanied her somewhere.

I would like to share with you, some of my art-works. 

This one is done with ball-point pen and sketch-pen(pink).

Acrylic on canvas.

Oil on canvas.

You can try out these drawing and colour techniques to deal with different unpleasant moods:



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