​Money buys almost everything… Who says it can’t buy honesty and respect? Just the slightest reflection can make everything as clear as crystal. Think….. Today, in our society, 99% rich people are dishonest and the converse is equally true. And the most pathetic part we play here is, we respect only those people who have money. So, didn’t money buy respect and honesty? 

At this stage (what today’s scenario concludes), we can blindfold ourselves and go to the jeweller and quite indisputably buy whatever he handovers, even if we intended to buy a diamond and he gives a coal-block instead. It hardly does matter, as because, a coal and a diamond sell at almost the same prices in this market. In this market, everything material and abstract; and everyone reliable and doubtful, sells and is sold.

We r blindfolded. We have lost the faculty of discretion between a coal-piece and a diamond. Money won, civilisation failed, values failed, hefty terms like preferences, commitment, integrity  and obligation are dead words. We have failed altogether as a society and still we go around putting up a proud face. Since we have become this insensible, we never even thought of what we were proud: our failure on the grounds of humanity or our success in the world of materialistic riches (at the cost of all that we can think of).


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